School Supply Shopping

I always loved getting ready for school. I start college on August 22nd 2016. Today as I am writing this on August 15th, 2016, I have a week left of summer. I can’t believe I already start college again after a year of being off from school.

So here is a recap of my story as I already wrote a blog about it. Link is here if you haven’t read it yet…

I have a degree in Social Science major in Child Studies since 2014. I can’t do anything with that. So, I’ve changed my plans of becoming a teacher to become a daycare educator at a daycare where we teach children their abc’s and 1.2.3’s.

Since I talked about this already, I’m going to write about getting my school supplies for this new adventure.

Even though I have 10000 schoolbags, I had to buy another one. I went out with a friend and she needed a bag. We found many at Walmart and then I stumbled across this one.14037522_10157428739415294_1677635116_o.jpg I had to get it, it was beautiful.

I also bought duo-tangs since I don’t like binders, as I find they are way too big and heavy.14012684_10157428739520294_176477733_o.jpg They are so nice and flashy.

I love color codding things, so each subject is a color.

With the duo-tangs I also bought copybooks, but they look more like note pads. I like them more as they are small and take less room in my school bag. As well as, they have more pages then the regular 80 page spiral copybooks. More pages but less weight is always best, so you don’t have to buy a lot of them. 14037559_10157428739835294_214853043_o.jpgThese should last me the whole semester. Thankfully, as I don’t like having 2 or 3 copybooks for one subject, it gets out of hand and unorganized.

I also got an organizer to put loose papers inside. By now you should have guessed that I am an organizer freak lol :P… but it is true! 😛 14001953_10157428739860294_1205380492_o.jpg

Here is to a new adventure! I am excited but a little nervous. Wish me luck! I will write a blog post after my first week and let you all know how it went. 🙂

Question of the day: Was your favorite part of starting school getting school supplies? If not, how come? Was it because it meant summer was over? 

Hope you all had a fantastic summer 2016 🙂 I know I did 😀


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