Vanier Early Childhood Education

I’ve known what I wanted to become when I grew up since I was just a little girl. I’ve always wanted to become a teacher. Having my own room and my own children to teach was my dream. I say “was” because things have changed now that I am older. I did some research and talked to many people and they had told me that a daycare educator gets better pay than teacher. Also daycare educators are more in need than teachers here. Becoming a daycare educator was my second option as it still involves me being with children, which is what I wanted to do as I love them so much.

I graduated from Vanier College in May 2015 from Social Science Major in Child Studies and wanted to pursue my dreams in University in their Education program to become a teacher, but that didn’t work well. A lot of my friends and family did the Early Childhood Education at Vanier to become a daycare educator, so they told me to give it a try. I thought about it and ended up applying there in March. I got an email shortly after telling me I had to pass an interview on a certain date. I went with all nervousness, but it went better than I thought, which I’m thankful for. After the interview, the interviewee had told us that we should get a letter in the mail telling us if we got in or not two weeks after that date.

Monday April 4th, my father had told me why I didn’t go and get the mail before leaving for work. I had told him, I had to leave as I was already running late and had to stop and get gas first. He had told me after that I should have taken it because there was an important letter for me.

Now there is a rule/law that you aren’t allowed to open other people’s mail. My father kept on saying he wouldn’t open it because he wasn’t allowed. I told him I’ll open it after work, but when he told me who it was from, I told him to forget about it and just open it; he got my permission. I couldn’t wait six hours; I was way too excited to find out what it said.

It was a letter I have been waiting for. It was a letter from Vanier saying ‘Congratulations, you have been accepted” My day at work just got a whole lot better after I got that amazing news. I was so happy. I still am happy.

All I have to do now is wait until August to start, but that seems so far away. 😦 Now that I am a returning student, I won’t have many classes, since I’ve done all the general classes like; English, French, gym etc. All I have to take now is the program courses, so my schedule shouldn’t be too overloaded.  I’ll keep you all posted in another blog post later in August. I can’t wait to start!

Vanier college      images (1)

I loved Vanier, hopefully it will be the same when I go back 🙂

Question of the day,

What do you want to be when you grow up? If you knew since you were younger (like me), has it changed now that you have grown?


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