Book series

I just finished watching the whole Twilight series for the thousandth time. This is a movie that I loved from when it came out. 

I was in high school when everyone was talking about Twilight. I was not interested to read it at all. I love to read don’t get me wrong, but that wasn’t my favorite genre to read. I bought the books online and once I opened the first book (Twilight) I got hooked in.

Today, it is still my favorite series of books. I went to see all the movies at the cinema when they came out. I was one of those fans that had to see it the minute it came out. I still love the movies and I’d love to read the books over again. 🙂 

Now that I described what book series I loved to read, what was or is your favorite book series or book you have read or are reading currently? 


(Posters from my room- I took them off now and put 1 BIG one)

After I finished reading and watching all of the Twilight series, I went and bought Fifty Shades of Grey. Now Fifty Shades of Grey was also a book series that everyone was talking about, but I again was not interested, until my mother started reading it and told me to give it a try. She knew I liked reading so she recommended it. 

I started reading the first book about 2 years ago before the movie was about to come out. After reading the first book, I had to continue reading. Same thing happened when I was reading Twilight, I could never stop. I went and watched the first movie of course when it came out in theatres, and I fell more in love with it. I had to continue reading the second book. Now that I am almost finished reading the second book, I can’t wait to go see it in theatres in 2017. 


(General picture from Google to show you guys what Fifty Shades Of Grey was about)

If you have read any Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey, which was your favorite between the two? Do you prefer the movies or the books?


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