Winter in Canada

Looking for a place to go during break? Don’t think about going to Canada (Quebec). I mean if you are one who LOVES the cold, be my guest. It gets very cold here to the point that cars don’t start, people don’t go out, which causes the country to be unlively.

Winter in Canada is about 5 months in length, starting approximately from November to March. Every year it changes, of course.

The only entertainment you can have in Canada, especially up north, is if you are a skier or love to do any outdoor winter activities. I, on the other hand, only like tubing. After going outside and spending time with your family and friends, remember to take a hot bath or drink hot chocolate to warm you up. That is absolutely my favorite part about going outside in the snow.

In these pictures, you can see one year to another year still in winter chill.

First picture is an ordinary snow storm where you can see how much snow we get. Second picture is me holding a BIG block of water that had turned into ice in one of our plant pots. (don’t worry, the plant wasn’t inside)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the first snow fall, especially on Christmas. It makes me feel more in the spirit for the holidays. After Christmas and New Year’s is over, I wish it wouldn’t snow anymore. It gets very depressing after, since it gets very cold, slushy and wet.

Another depressing moment in the winter season is catching a cold. It is the most common season to catch a cold, and when someone does catch it, they are really sick for a very long time. I, who has low platelets since I was a little girl, when I catch a cold, it takes me forever to get rid of and I am unable to do anything during that time.

So after reading this blog, what do you guess my worst season is? If you guess winter, ding ding ding, you are correct!

I will always end my blogs with a question, so here is today’s question. What is your favorite season? Why? Do you do any winter activities? Which ones? Is winter where you live different from Quebec, Canada?

Thank you for taking the time and reading my post. I hope it wasn’t too depressing to read. Winter, for me, is just a very depressing season. I hope you have a warm great day! Remember to always smile!


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