Charlotte’s web

The book Charlotte’s Web gained my interest. I have read this book before and I saw the movie when I was younger. I remember that I really enjoyed watching the movie, but I didn’t really understand the book when I read it. At that age, I found it interesting and funny, since I never knew that animals could talk.

I learned that in fact, Charlotte’s Web is truly a fun preview of life for children, as the characters start at a young age and grow up until one of the characters, Charlotte, dies of illness.
I think children over the age of 8, would enjoy reading this because it’s an imaginary world where animals talk, and children love imagination. Actually, over the summer, I babysat my baby cousins who were aged four and five. When I asked them what they wanted to watch, they told me “Charlotte’s Web.” While they were watching it, they smiled and laughed at how the animals were talking.

Have you ever read Charlotte’s Web before it was presented to us? If so, did you like it? Why? If not, now that you have heard about it briefly, would you read it?


2 thoughts on “Charlotte’s web

  1. interesting i believe that most of the children who watched Charlottes Web enjoyed it. However, yes i have seen and read the book when i was younger i believe i was in grade 4 when i read it and i did find it interested and i wnjoyed the story a lot. Also, like every child we all like it when it is characters like animals which makes it more interesting to watch and makes it a lot funnier when you are a child. Although, i heard about it again from the oral presentation i wouldnt re read it again but i would definetly recommend it to my brother and my little cousins!

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