Spring Break or Study break?

I didn’t know what exactly to write about for this blog post but then I realized that since March break is next week I could write about what I would be doing over my spring break, or as I call it, the study break.

Ever since I started my educational path, spring or March break was always the first week of March, until I hit College this year that is. I always thought that everyone was off at the same time, but I guess I was wrong.

I really had hoped that my spring break would be the same as everyone else’s, as it has been every year, because I used to go on a family trip the week of spring break, but this year it couldn’t happen because I was still in school while everyone else was on break.

Sadly the week that I am on break, nobody else is on break to relax and spend some time with me. Since I am alone this week, and since teachers have bombarded me with tons of homework, I will be much occupied during my break…Or I guess it shouldn’t be called a break anymore since I will still be doing school work. Other than school work, I plan to go shopping (of course by myself sadly), work and relax, as we all need it!

What are you planning to do this break?
Remember to sleep and relax as you will need it for the weeks after March break! Have fun!


2 thoughts on “Spring Break or Study break?

  1. I am wishing you a great break! I will be sleeping and from 6pm this afternoon and planning on waking up saturday at 2 pm! All jokes aside, I totally agree with the sprink break not being at the same time aas the others is sad, and also that it ia not really a break with all the work we have. However, we can still find some time to relax and enjoy our week of freedom!

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