That’s So Raven

When I was younger I used to rush home every day to watch “That’s So Raven”. That’s so Raven was a television show that played on Family Channel every night from 7:30-8:30pm. The show is about a girl name Raven who has a gift, a gift of being psychic. She now has to try and live a normal life without letting anyone know that she is psychic. She gets “visions” of seeing into the future. She cannot control her visions, they come whenever.

I remember I used to only want supper while I was watching it. Like, I literally stationed myself in front of the television ate and watched the show. I loved it because it was very funny and because I can relate myself to Raven. My favorite character was Raven of course as she was the main character and she was amazing. Raven was a type of person that I would want to go have a coffee with. She kind of looks like me; long, poufy, curly brown hair. We have the same characteristics. We like helping, kind, caring. If I had to choose any of the characters in the show, I would pick Raven as she is an amazing girl and I would also want to have her gift of being psychic so I can see the future.

I miss rushing home to watch this show! I wish we can go back in time!

Did you ever hear or watch this show? If yes, who was your favorite character and why? If not, reading my summary of what the show is about, would you watch it? Why or why not?


6 thoughts on “That’s So Raven

  1. wow oh my god yes i use to always watch that show too and my favorite character was Raven because she shows different behaviours which makes her interesting for example Raven use to pretend she was other people and she played their roles really good!

  2. I used to watch That’s so Raven as well! Her funny attitude, very optimistic personality and all over the place reminded me of myself when I was younger and very energetic, sometimes too much. I have to relate as well that this show was an obsession! Thanks for bringing the nostalgy of my childhood ! Were there any show aside from this one that gave you the same urge to rush back home and get in front of your screen?

    • Your welcome! I had a lot of shows I ran back home to watch. I had to pick one to write about so I picked That’s So Raven as I really loved her and still love her now. I am a Family Channel fan as you can tell by the That’s So Raven. I also miss and ran home for: Zoom, Zoey 101, High School Musical, Camp Rock and many more, mostly from Family Channel.

  3. This has piqued my interest! I had heard of this show but have never watched it. Can you tell us a bit more about Raven’s CHARACTER? Other than being psychic, what was she like as a person?

    • Ravens character has a sassy attitude, a grand personality, and is well known for her style. Aside from her psychic talent, she is a designer. We don’t really see much of her designs in the show since that is not the main theme of the show. The main theme is that she has the psychic talent and that she doesn’t want anyone to know as she wants to be treated the same way as everyone else.

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