In How Children Succeed written by Paul Tough, it talks about how attachments affect children later in the child’s life. Parents day to day time spent with their children create multiply type of attachments. These daily attachments help mold the child into the adult that they later become.

He talks about something called Early Nurturance. This is where we will be able to see if the children are attached to their parents or not. He gives the example of if parents went and took care of their child that was crying, the child would be more independent and intrepid than parents who let them cry it out became less independent.

Another way that researches have done to examine attachment for children’s was a mother would leave their child in a daycare and examined the child. After a couple of hours when the mother came back to check on her child, Ainsworth noted two distinct responses. He said that if they were joyful to see their mother come back to get them, the children would be securely attached. If the child wouldn’t want to go back with the mother, ignoring her arrival, Ainsworth would label those children anxiously attached. Ainswoth, also noted that the children who were securely attached would normally be able to cope with stress as they grew older, as the opposite was noted about the children that did not immediately go over to their mother.

Do you find this being true?


5 thoughts on “Attachment

  1. i personally think that yes, if the child is happy to see their parent he is attached to them, but if a child is not happy or anxious to see his parents then he is maybe more independent or like Paul tough said if the child is experiencing rough times at home he will have the tendency to cry and not want to go home.

    • Yes, I agree. It only makes sense that if the child is experiencing rough times at home, they willl not want to go home. If the child is treated nicely and get everything they want, the child will of course go back home.

    • Yes. I find this too be true. As I had said above, if the child is treated well at home and there are no complications at home, the child will be securely attached. For instance, I am attached with my parents because they are the ones that took care of me nicely vs. I have a friend who doesn’t want to stay home because of the issues they have at home, so she is anxiously attached.

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