There are 2 versions of the Cinderella story……Really?


Most of you might think that the Disney version of Cinderella is the only version there is out there. Well, if you say yes, then you are wrong. To my surprise, there is another version of the Cinderella and it’s in a book called “Grimm’s Fairy Tale”.

The Disney Cinderella story is about a girl who is treated like she doesn’t belong. She was ordered to work by her stepmother. The day that the ball was being held, the stepmother would not let Cinderella go to the ball unless she was done working and had found something to wear. She didn’t succeed but ended up going to the ball in a beautiful dress that her fairy godmother made for her, without telling her stepmother. She danced with the boy of her dreams until she had to leave at midnight before she would change back into her poor clothing. She ran up the stairs so fast that her glass slipper fell off. The prince saw the glass slipper and wondered who it was for and to his surprise after trying it on many people’s feet, it was Cinderella’s.

The Grimm’s Fairy tale is about the same Cinderella, but not the same story. The Grimm’s Fairy Tale version is about Cinderella who is also ordered to work. There is also a ball that happens that the prince has invited Cinderella’s family to. Cinderella goes to the ball in a beautiful dress and like in the Disney version; she leaves before midnight and loses her glass slipper. The prince saw it, picked it up, went to Cinderella’s house and asked the girls to come and try this slipper on. The stepmother wanted one of her daughters to be the princess, so she told them to cut their heel or toe off a bit, but the messenger noticed that there was bleeding so he had said it wasn’t theirs. The only one left to try it on was Cinderella. The stepmother said it couldn’t be her since she believed she wasn’t at the ball. Cinderella put it on and it fit perfectly. The stepmother was flabbergasted at the fact that Cinderella actually was the person that wore the slipper.

Seeing as most of you probably grew up with Disney stories and movies, would you let your children read the Grimm’s Fairy Tale version of Cinderella? Why or why not? Is there something that surprised you when you were reading the Grimm’s Fairy Tale version? Did you even know that there was another version of Cinderella? Do children today feel like they can live in a fantasy world and have the Cinderella type story laid out for them?


8 thoughts on “There are 2 versions of the Cinderella story……Really?

  1. You’ve raised some interesting questions here! A couple of things to think about: you’ve done a thorough summary of each text, but it might be more enlightening if you summarized less and instead chose specific differences between the texts to examine and write about. Also, next class we will talk about the use of copyrighted images – Disney is VERY proprietary and they have been known to sue people for posting their images without permission. Next class, I’ll give you some tips for finding an image of a princess that you can use without making the Disney corporation mad!

    • I would not make my children read the Grimm’s version because it is too violent. I don’t like what the Grimm’s version teaches the children. I would let my children read the Disney version, it’s much better and I like what it teaches. What I mean about what it teaches is, it teaches the children at the end that you don’t have to be pretty to find your lover and get married. Yes Cinderella was treated badly and the stepsisters and stepmother were mean, but life is the same. Children have to see how the real world today is like and compare their life with Cinderella’s. .

  2. I think that the only difference between the two versions is the part where both stepsisters get their foot cut off, which would be inapropriate for little chidlren. Therefore, both stories are still relevant according to me. It all comes to how the parents will twist the ”bloody” part of the fairy tale. It could actually come out really well if the parents give the proper explanation to their children.

    • I agree that the cutting off the stepsisters’ feet is inappropriate for the child, which is why I would not allow my children to read the Grimm’s version of Cinderella.
      If the parents have to twist the bloody part than why read the Grimm’s version when there is a Disney version that was made for children?

  3. Personally, I think that there are more values to be learned in the grimms version. However, I do agree that it is maybe a little too violent for young children. Good summaries of both versions!

  4. interesting ! however i would like to show my children different stories about Cinderella because they may see different perspective of it. I have never seen the Gimms movie but i would definitely like too see the differences although i knew there were different versions of Cinderella i never heared of this particular one that you spoke about!

  5. Oh I never thought about that, The different perspectives. It’s true. Children, well people all have their own perspective on things. I would also like to see the Grimm’s movie,if there even is one.

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