Life update!

Hey guys,

I tend to forget that I have a blog. I mean I do have my hands full with my child, but I’ll get into that shortly. I forget about it and then I come on and do an update for you guys.

So, last time I wrote, I found out I was pregnant. Well, that has been a very long time because my baby is here and almost 9 months old. I had my baby on September 2nd 2019. By the way, its a boy! Pregnancy went well, towards the end it was getting harder and tiring all the time. Birth went better well as well. (natural)

Now mama and baby are doing good. Had a few hiccups of course because I’m a first time mama, but better now 🙂 Learning everyday. 🙂

Another thing I want to talk about it Covid-19 and how it has affected my life. I understand of course 100% what is going on and that we need to stay home. I have been quarantined  since it all began, only out for essentials.

First of all, I am a very family oriented person. Now remember I have a son and he has grandparents. I haven’t seen my parents or my in-laws since everything and it hurts. It hurts more because my son doesn’t get to see family. It has been 3 months now and they are missing out on a lot of things. Of course don’t bash me on the “better safe than sorry talk” I know as I’ve stated above. It hurts even more (cherry on top of my anxiety and anger) is that people are not respecting the rules and still doing their normal stuff. Stop doing what you are doing, the virus will go away faster and then once fully clear, you can do whatever you please. I’m not putting any blame on anyone, its just rough that I see people enjoying everything when still on lock down, and I haven’t seen family it feels like forever.

My anxiety over the past few weeks now as quarantine is getting to me more.

Anyways, I will go now as my son needs mama. 🙂

Hope everyone is staying safe during all this and hopefully things go back to “normal” soon!



Pregnancy announcement!

Hey guys,

I just wanted to come here and update you on what’s happening in my life.


I cannot believe, but totally excited, to be telling everyone this amazing news.

I found out January 8-9th 2019, and had to keep it a secret till now. I had my first ultrasound last Friday, so I finally saw my little lovebug.

So, the next following blogs will be pregnancy updates.

Thank you for sharing this excitement with me,

Jessica xox

2018 in review…

2019 is very near and I thought I would reflect on what 2018 brought me…

We started 2018 with planning for our wedding. Lots of hard work was put into it.

We then got married in October. It was one of the best days of my life. I miss it so much. I would redo it in a heartbeat. The saying ‘cherish every moment of that day because it goes fast` `is very true.

I sadly then lost my car in an accident 3 weeks later. My husband and I are both doing well. There were minor injuries. I also got bad news from my cousin that I won’t get into, but all is well now!

I hope that 2019 brings lots of love, happiness, joy and fortune!

Was 2018 a good year for you?

Happy New Year to all!



Dear diary,

I`ve always wondered what life would be if I wasn`t where I am today…

Would I be married at 24 years old? Would I be living with my husband, trying to have a baby and looking for a house? Would I be looking to get my own car? Would I be working at an amazing place with amazing people?

These are all the questions I ask myself every single day. I’ve always wondered if someday life would be different than what it is now.

By asking all these questions, the next big question that pops into my head is, would I change any of it?

I’ve come to the realization that you have to take it one day at a time and be grateful for what you have and what is happening in your life. Live everyday like it is your last!

I have to say, I am very proud of myself for what I have accomplished at this young age!

Talk soon!

Live, laugh, love



Job life

I always say I want to write more on here but I never actually post something. I need to get inspired to write something and sometimes nothing comes out.

So here I am now, watching the Twilight series again for the millionth time (I know it is old) and on my laptop with blank thoughts, but wanting to write something.

I should have started writing last night when I had the inspiration, but oh well…

Now for today’s topic it will be about my lifelong careers.

My dream ever since I was a little girl was to become a teacher. That didn’t work to well so I changed path to be a daycare educator. That didn’t work to well as well, so I’m officially out of options. We’ll I have been working at a Kumon for 5 years now and I can potentially own it, but I don’t know if I want to stay in that field of tutoring.

I have been loving being the receptionist of the place I am at now, so I have been looking for jobs in that field but most of them either need a lot more experience or schooling (which I could do, but that will take time and money)

I don’t know what to do right now but I know I have these options:

  1. Keep this job until I own it
  2. Look for another part time job that coordinates with the one I have
  3. Look for a receptionist job and see if they’ll take me based only on my experience
  4. Go to school to become a regular receptionist or a medical receptionist

Anyways, those are my thoughts for now.

Hopefully talk soon,

Jess xox



Christmas 2017 <3

Christmas 2017 was a very good one. But it all started a week before Christmas when I received the best gift to end 2017 with….. and that is….


I have been waiting for this moment my entire life, well I mean more when I was actually in a relationship of course.

I have been with the love of my life for 3 years and 9 months, but I’ve known him for about 7-8 years n total. High school sweethearts do exist!

Other than that, even though Christmas really didn’t feel like Christmas, it was still very nice to spend time with my family and my  fiancés family.

Now onto the planing and preparation for our big day 🙂

Friendship goals

What makes a friend shop goal?

Has anyone actually looked into this and realized what is required for someone to truly be a good friend?

Other than calling each other friends, there is much more to that I am sure.

Like for example; talking about everything and anything, telling secrets, crushes, late nights laughing, never bored of each other, caring, not judgmental, loving and most of all (what I did tonight), being the emergency help when the friend is really in need whatever time it is in the day or night.

Let me know what you consider for someone to be a good friend? #friendshipgoals?

Done school?

Yup as the title states, today was my last day of classes. No more school.

Finally can relax with no stress 😊

Keep you all updated on how that goes.

Wish me luck! 😊

I just noticed I had tacos on taco Tuesday for the first time 🌮

I don’t know what to do???

I do not know what to do anymore. School is a disaster. I am putting the effort but not seeing any good results!!!

Working lots and lots!

Love life is great and that’s what is keeping me alive basically.


Needed some place to rant, thought above doing it here. Sorry -_-  😥